Paradigm and VBX combine for a day trip to outer space

Once again galaxian entities Paradigm and VBX are on a direct collision course known as Planet Paradigm and they have a line-up planned that is out of this world. Taking place now for the 3rd time at Paradigm in Gronigen from midday on Saturday, May 23rd until sunrise the next day the ‘to be seen to be believed’ gathering that collects together the best in Dutch talent plus hand-picked guests and close friends from across the universe.

From the dream-like state that the day program entices you into to the wide-eyed night section of the trip all aspects of a journey to Planet Paradigm is packed to the brim with the most minute details to all-encompassing production touches that will blow your mind from start to finish. A day and night on Planet Paradigm truly is a 360-degree experience for all the senses.

Across 4 stages – Forest Stage, Dome Stage, Romney Stage, and Club the self-contained event space set in the woods just outside Gronigen will feature a suitably world-beating array of artists and will, of course, see these artists spreading their legs with extended sets in some cases. Obviously, when VBX and Paradigm are in control of the bookings the lineup will be special but for this edition, they have onboard Zip, Tafkamp, Sweely (live), SIT, Reiss, Onur Ozer, Manamana, Laurine, Junki Inoue, Joren Edwards, Gerrit De Boer, Ferro B2B Benny Rodriguez, DJ Masda, DJ Orchid B2B UlsT, Deniro, Colin B2B Roy Lodder, Aleksi Perala, Adiel and Abstract Division. There really isn’t much more to say other than make sure and grab your tickets while you can as this is a trip into space that you do not want to miss.

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