Planet Paradigm beams news of their May edition to Earth

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With the air of Spring firmly in the air it is that magical time of the year when Europe’s open air venues begin to stir from the icy slumber. One such location beginning to wake up is Paradigm in Groningen. Calling it a venue does not do it any sort of justice whatsoever as the sprawling miniature town set in multiple dimensions houses a bio diversity in musical styles seldom found. Along with the uniqueness of the surroundings the atmosphere and programming are on a par and this is what makes Paradigm so very special.

Spring into Summer is a special time in Europe, most notably the lush greenery of Groningen and when it is paired with the coupling of Paradigm and VBX for their one day festival they simply can’t miss. Now preparing to present their fourth edition on Saturday, May 25th the collaboration always throws up an on-point selection of complimenting styles and names that have been breathing fire into their respective scenes and transport them to the wooded centerpoint of the Paradigm complex. With hitters at every turn there is a veritable feast for the ears that, as always, straddles the sweet spot between house, techno, breaks, and more electro shades.


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Full Lineup (a-z)

Bashkka x Gabrielle Kwarteng
Berkan V8
Christian AB
DJ Koolt
DJ Senc
Frank Haag
Gene on Earth
Gerrit de Ber
Marie Montexier
Melina Serser
Setaoc Mass
Tammo Hesselink
The Lady Machine
Zap (live) 

You can grab your tickets for Planet Paradigm on Saturday, May 25th here.

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