Paradigm and VBX unveil their line-up for their one-day festival

The much-anticipated annual edition of Planet Paradigm, the one-day festival and one of the most outstanding events in the Netherlands, returns in May for a gathering with a diverse line-up, as we have come to expect from previous editions. The various flavors of techno, electro, minimal, or house will please every taste and ear, ensuring a fascinating experience for underground music lovers.

Imagine that you are in a busy and lively student town like Groningen, but you are surrounded by nature and feel as if you are somewhere in a cozy little village, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, having only like-minded people around. This is what the Planet Paradigm experience feels like.

With three successful editions so far, the festival has seen improvements each time, offering not only diversity by inviting different names from varied electronic music genres every year, but also several stages, a sanctuary for the local craftsmen and artists that had their own area where they could promote and sell their work, and many more outdoor activities.

This being said, don’t make any other plans for the 27th of May, as this is the date when this delightful festival will take place and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Full line-up in alphabetical order:
Alexia Glensy
Black Cadmium
Bruno Schmidt
BSS b2b Naone
Christian Thomas
Craig Richards
Francesco Del Garda
Julian Anthony
Mathijs Smit
Nene H
Ø [Phase]
Sansibar (live)
Stephanie Sykes

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