Club Guesthouse announce return with new Timpuri Noi venue

Since the pandemic broke everybody’s hearts it seems that life is slowly but surely beginning to swing back in our favour and this week came the news that a lot of people have been waiting for. So, it seems almost poetic that a year to the day of their proposed closing party we should bring you news of the new Bucharest rendition of the infamous Club Guesthouse.

As well as the club space that could be regarded as one of the epicenters of the Rominimal movement Club Guesthouse will be returning with much more besides a new dancefloor. If the previous incarnation is anything to go by then the third generation of Club Guesthouse will be thought out to the most minute detail. From the exterior to the interior spaces the mix of natural wood and industrial accents this will truly be a flagship venue that the GH team hopes will be around for years to come.

As well as the new custom-built club space Club Guesthouse’s Timpuri Noi location will also be home to a Listening Bar. An audiophile’s wet dream will incorporate the hi-fi sensibilities that are applied to club space but with a much more laidback intimate atmosphere in mind. As the name suggests the onus will very much be on the quality of sound and this will allow the chance to experience Club Guesthouse in a truly 360 fashion from pre-club to a full-on club scenario.

It was such a shame that given the pandemic restrictions it was not possible to truly say goodbye to the Popa Nan but we have a feeling that many more new memories are just around the corner with the advent of their new home.

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