Arapu, Gescu, Cap & Giuliano Lomonte head to Manchester for the next Animal Crossing adventure

After the barnstorming Halloween bash that the tireless Animal Crossing team recently thew with the BE9 crew of Alexis Cabrera, Ben Balance and Jan Golly they return with arguably their biggest party to date. I know we seem to say that a lot about Animal Crossing parties and each one has been rather special, but this is something else entirely.

The Animal Crossing crew really has gone from strength to strength throughout the duration of 2019 and they have hosted some outrageous parties in some of the most daring locations. From rooftops to railway arches and everything in between, this pioneering band of likeminded heads has had an enormous impact on the underground scene across the North West and beyond. What is even more astounding is that this has all come in their first year of operation.

So, with this in mind, it seems only right that the Manchester-based brand closes the year with a bang and show signs of what is still to come as we break into the new calendar year. Top of their impressive line-up on Saturday, December 14th is a special 3 hour b2b between Romanian compatriots Arapu and Gescu, a pair of artists that have cropped up on most large scale minimal events over the course of the summer and will continue to do so. Continuing the Romanian connection, they will be joined by Cap, Italian Giuliano Lomonte, and of course the ever-ready AC DJs.

I am sure you will agree that this talented group of artists more than have the special vibes and top-notch soundtrack extremely well taken care of. All that is needed is the AC magic to be sprinkled over their chosen party location which is sure to have never been used for an event of this sort before.

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