A petition has been created to help Denis Kaznacheev protest his innocence

Due to the recent arrest of valued member of the minimal community Denis Kaznacheev he is in dire need of your support to fight his current possible extradition to the USA. Having been arrested by the German authorities relating to alleged money laundering and dark web activity the Russian born Berlin-based artist protests his innocence suspecting that his identity had been stolen resulting in the offenses.

Acting on behalf of the US Justice Department Denis is facing been extradited to America to answer for the crimes that he is being accused of and he needs all our help in order to prevent this from happening. The ruthless approach to Denis’ arrest and extradition smacks of an unjust penal system that is currently making headlines around the world for a number of different reasons. As there seems to be no proof that Denis is guilty of any crime it is imperative that the German government step in to ensure that this talented artist does not have his life ruined as a result of mistaken identity.

To show your solidarity for Denis and help to regain his life again we are fully supporting a petition to be signed that will enable his legal counsel to present a motion to allow bail to be granted and for him to fairly protest his innocence. A donation page has been created in order to help fund his case and you can give what you can here. All funds will be used to hire a lawyer that can help him outside this situation as well as support the cost of living in prison and maintaining active Denis living address which is one pre-requisite for the bail.

Please sign the petition here and spread the word to all corners of the electronic music community.

While we write this editorial, the artist management confirmed Denis is currently in Berlin prison Moabit. Trommel does not have any more info on Denis Kaznacheev case and follow the principle of presumption of innocence.

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