Alexis Cabrera continues his series with a bomb by Soul Capsule next to get treatment

Recontextualizing tracks that are so well known is not an easy task, but Alexis Cabrera has it down to an art form. Literally. His tutorial series ‘Why is this track a bomb?’ continues to pick apart some of the most seminal minimal tracks and the most recent episode is as seminal as it gets.

The super collaboration Soul Capsule from Baby Ford, Thomas Melchior, and previously Tom Hutton produced one of the biggest tracks of the genre and still continues to be repressed, replayed, and rediscovered for new ears as well as old. ‘Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)’ on Baby Ford’s Trelik imprint back in 1999 was of course a huge track but the fact that it straddles deep house, as well as more minimal sounds, makes it so good. The fact that it continues to be so relevant over 20 years later makes it timeless.

Wasting no time at all Alexis dives deep into the musicality of the various synth sounds included by Soul Capsule and of course those unmistakable pad sounds. As well as having such a finely tuned ear for the main parts of the track Alexis also lays out the vocal samples that have been sliced from Vicky Martin’s ‘Not Gonna Do It’.

So, in just over 20 minutes Alexis has been able to analyze one of Soul Capsule’s biggest tracks and has even played in all the various parts along to the original track in real-time. We have said it many times before but Alexis is such a talent, his ability to spot the arrangement, musicality, and also the gear being used is something else.

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