SIT – Sideways LP – AMP009-1

When something is released on Amphia you know you’ll be getting the goods, and this first album release on the label does not disappoint. This release could not be “minimal” as we’ve come to expect from Caia and Cons, but how is that a bad thing?

This album is the most straight-ahead dance-orientated release from either of them, but it hasn’t lost any of that impeccable sense of production skills they possess, and the album flows flawlessly from beginning to end.

They save the best for last with track “Come Around” which continues to evolve and introduce new moods and ideas through its 15-minute duration. It has a certain old-school vibe surrounding it which is countered perfectly with a relevance and intensity that will get modern dancefloors moving and shaking with ease.

This is the natural progression of their efforts culminated in one double LP, and it sounds incredibly fresh and enticing. Much dance music is sloppily put together to impact dancefloors for a very finite amount of time, however, Caia and Cons ensure through their attention to detail that this album will stand the test of time, and work on a dancefloor, or at home with headphones on.

There have been a lot of top notch electronic albums released in 2015, and along with Petre Inpirescu’s release on Mule Musiq, this is one of the best of the year without a doubt.

Words by: matt2011 (Discogs)
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