Review: ANBC – Teknolia EP [RUR001]

ANBC - Teknolia EP
ANBC - Teknolia EP

Teknolia is the first offering from Prague based label RUR Records, a joint project between Russian artist Alex Neivel and New Zealander Bruno Curtis, known collectively as ANBC. Following an intense period in the studio, the pair are now siphoning off some of their magic as promoters into label management.

Kicking off the label is ANBC themselves, given full creative license to explore their minimal sound, featuring remixes from Denis Kaznacheev and SIT. Check out our recent podcast from SIT here.

Teknolia is available in digital on Bandcamp, despite the original vinyl only intentions of RUR Records, due to the current situation. The guys are keen to get the ball rolling, each with individual works raring to go that are already doing the rounds in sets from Barac, Cristi Cons, DeWalta and Konstantin.

A1. Teknolia

The title track is a moody one. A driving bassline that keeps pushing forward, navigating through a series of offbeat keys and experimental clangs. Hypnotic and slightly unnerving, this is translatable onto a dance floor in the wavey early hours, as the bassline fills out in the latter half, giving the track a boost at just the right time.

A2. Mininota

In contrast to Teknolia, this track is dreamy with celestial pads that intensify and dull throughout. Mininota is distinctly aquatic, rippling and echoing with an expansive effect. Uplifting and soothing, this is perfect for summer listening, or one for those warm and fuzzy moments at the afters.

B1. Teknolia (Denis Kaznacheev Remix)

This remix gives Teknolia an unmistakable injection of optimism. What was a driving bassline now bounces, and the offbeat keys and clangs now bend out of shape. The added vocal gives this track a classic upbeat house vibe. A very playful take on the original.

B2. Mininota (SIT Remix)

SIT has put a slightly menacing spin on this one. A booming bassline throughout as the track warps through the first three minutes, building to an anthemic peak. A fierce finale to their first EP.

Wave Particle Singularity is at the helm of the upcoming second release, featuring two remixes of DeWalta that are already gaining some traction after featuring in his sets at last years Sunwaves, and support from Raresh.

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