Review: Basicnoise – Consequences [spclnch02]


Belarusian label Spclnch shape their second release with a venture into deep, dubby territories.

June’s debut release from Echoton initiated the collective’s new venture into more introspective and cosmic realms. Minimalist frameworks explore intricate, mood-setting atmospheres which Wiesbaden based Peter Fanai continues under his Basicnoise alias.

‘Consequences’ sets a rich tone in the A1’s title track. Thick chords remnant of early dub-techno pioneers Deepchord and Basic Channel slot between nimble sub-bass that nods to the funky micro-house sound of Bucharest.

The level of depth to sound design brings a patient, floaty tendency to each of the tracks. A number of patterns trail overhead with a delicate presence, whilst beats remain ripe and punchy with an ear to the dance floor.

This complimentary coupling of retro and modern influences flows throughout the record. Australian producer Kooscha brings a fresh, swung interpretation on the flip. Slinky hats and an elegant low end wash over chords from the original, creating a unique contrasting aesthetic.

Echoton return to the label with a charming remix of ‘Consequences’. Sounds are coated with a serene, deep character lending itself neatly to both home listening, as well as a club sound system. Long reverbs cast a vast, gravity-defying-like sphere which wraps elements with warmth.

The German producer brings a housier direction in his second solo cut. ‘Subsequence’ reveals a more emotive side, with gentle, choir-like sequences washing over crisp hats cutting through the mix.

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