Premiere: A1 – Echoton – Mind Machine [spclnch01]

According to Belarusian label spclnch, a spacelunch is less about what an astronaut is having for dinner. Instead, it is much more suggestive of a musical environment. One that accommodates a variety of sound scenes, a spacelunch it seems is an intergalactic domain. This domain provides a platform to freely express the artists’ creative energies, whether it be dark or light, simple or unusual. spclnch aims to provide a space for a mixture of flavours.

We join them on their journey through the time continuum. After a successful year of digital releases and a dabble into the realms of vinyl, a new era begins with the launch of spclnch01. Echoton have been invited along for the occasion. The German duo bring with them a decade of collaboration in the world of dub techno and this is evident from the results.

The percussive path of ‘Mind Machine’ is disjointed yet fitting around the deep, dub infused bassline. An eery chorus flows throughout, instilling a feeling of floating through a cavernous environment, or perhaps through space itself. Warmer piano keys interject softly as minimalistic samples flicker, held together by the constant drifting chorus notes. ‘Mind Machine’ is simple and calming, a soundtrack of reflection.

Over on the B side, ‘Theta Rhythm’ follows a similar formula. This is bolstered into a dancefloor mover thanks to a remix from Basicnoise. It celebrates the dubby synths of the original whilst adding a healthy injection of groove.

You can purchase ‘Mind Machine’ EP over on or Juno from 12th June.

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