Premiere: A2 – Mike Schommer – The Huron Lady [spclnch03]

Dub techno veteran Mike Schommer shapes the third release for the Belarus label spclnch now based off the Netherlands.

The Deepchord co-founder has been a prolific presence in the dub techno genres since the early 2000s, both in his genre sculpting work via the label, and his personal productions.

‘The Huron Lady’ is a stunning testament to the deep, expressive moods associated with much of Schommer’s work within the dubby realms. Subs are fat and warm, casually washing up over an airy hi-hat and a dreamy flute melody, meandering beneath sensual vocal blips lathered with reverb.

Sounds roll over in graceful, perpetual loops, wrapping around bright chord stabs bringing a subtle sense of urgency. Lively notes slide between the deep, calming bass palate as flute tones flirt over the mix with serene, oriental-like energy.

‘Downtown’ brings a more energetic cut to the releases A1, flexing funky vocal work and crisp, ear-wormy percussion. Heavenchord, and previous label features Basicnoise and Echoton each bring inspired remixes to the record, exploring ambient and further dub-territory explorations.

Spclnch’s first two sold-out releases revealed their tastes for the more delicate, spatial aesthetic, with both Echoton, and Basicnoise‘s EP late last year. Extensive digital output is also available on the label’s Bandcamp, including a lush solo EP from Heavenchord.

The deep and submissive vibe that comes with much of the dub-driven music makes for a versatile audience. Whether it’s warming up the cosy confines of Hoppetosse, or sound-tracking the morning coffee, spclnch’s contribution to the warm world of dub continues to make their mark as tastemakers within the genre.

Decades of experience is shared amongst both the record and the label roster, exploring an experienced ear of particularly dub inspired dance music. Sounds are coated with an open-fire-like warmth, dripping with analogue embers and a dreamy aesthetic.

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