Premiere: A2 – Federsen – Druid Heights [SPCLNCH08]

For the next edition of the Dutch / Belarusian journey into dub techno and its orbiting moons, the imminent release from spclnch is ready. Taking charge of much of the sleek “Zen Effect” EP is Federsen backed up by a reworking from known label face Kooscha.

Beginning with A2 “Druid Heights” and the slow slung beats from Federsen flow from the outset with rippling percussive synth stabs bleed into the track like a dub soaked wave. This effortless atmosphere is further enhanced by way of the tumbling congas that appear sporadically throughout. The action is kept to a minimum so as to accentuate each carefully crafted element and to allow for maximum impact. The EP title of “Zen Effect” could not be more apt.

A1 “Satori Dub” is along a much more minimal vibe, soft verby claps echo around the spectral field as if looking to cover the ear with organic matter. Again, the congas are given free reign to work their magic and they do to great effect. Moving over to side B and the first track “Zazen” is a bit more insistent on your attention but in a very subtle way. Percussion and sound design comes in a much more granular direction and the kicks may be bigger and more prominent but they still hit deep like the rest of the EP.

The EP is completed with a more soulful pensive reworking of “Druid Heights” by Australian artist Kooscha. Having impressed on his previous outing on the label it was imperative that they returned. A rounded bassline that dovetails nicely with the original source material of tumbling drums and dubby goodness.

You can pre-order SPCLNCH08 direct from the label’s Bandcamp,, and Juno.

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