Premiere: B1 – R.Hz – Spectrum (Basicnoise Remix) [SPCLNCH006]

We have traced the lineage of Dutch label spclnch since its first release and now we take a deep dive into its latest incarnation. Coming from the mind of Russian artist R.Hz, two originals are paired with two remixes from German based producer Basicnoise. With dub techno and airy ambiance very much on the menu more finely curated audio tools adventures await.

The deep and dubby shtick of spclnch is further explored in its most upfront form on this record with a remix from Basicnoise of R.Hz’s ‘Spectrum’. The airy atmospherics and paddy synths transfer from the original version nicely to the remix and effortlessly fill the sonic view with bleeding reverb tail upon beautifully crafted reverb tail. The finely balanced percussion that populates the space in between the upper echelons of the track jump out from the mix in an elastic manner that keeps the undulating flow from never tapering off. Some very satisfying build ups throughout the track are also key to this real sense of journey that could be akin to a celestial expedition.

For the second of Basicnoise’s remixes, Roman gives his take on ‘Perception’ and his version is propelled in a smile inducing breakbeat direction. The paddy esoteric nature his reworking immediately envelopes the mind with its richness of frequencies and more upfront mixing style. Meanwhile, the original version of ‘Perception’ is much more laid back and stripped back but completes a tidy package of deep dubby cosmic minimalism.

SPCLNCH06 will ship from 9th January, 2023 via

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