Premiere: B1 – Romar – Cote Ciel [BLEUCIEL10]

Romar record artwork

Romar returns with another edition on his own Swiss-based label Bleu Ciel. The French artist has been busy since we premiered Chasing Dreams back in 2018. Shortly after, he made his mark with a debut release on Priku’s highly revered Atipic label, before sharing wax with Teluric over on Crossed Grooves. But of course, Romar keeps coming back to his own.

The 10th release of Bleu Ciel is celebrated in Blue Whited marble, coming with two extended pieces to form ‘Edge Of Times’ EP. We’ve taken the B side for the premiere.

‘Cote Ciel’ is built on a bed of synths. Layer upon layer brings reinforced positive vibes while a deep bassline gently plods along underneath. There’s an old school vibe here born out of a gliding synth line, a constant element that strengthens with dancing chord harmonies. While it remains dreamy throughout, energy does take over in the form of a tasteful acid melody that strings together politely. Picture eyes closed and hands gliding in the air to this pleasant, extended piece.

‘Edge of Times’ on the A-side is the more determined of the two, courtesy of the rolling rhythm that defines it. Warmth continues to emanate from chord melodies while percussion taps between hi-hat and ride. Both sides of the record come with growing beats, made with a healthy dose of groove and euphoria.

Blue Ciel’s 10th release is available exclusively at and can be pre-ordered now.

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