Premiere: A1 – Romar & Makarov – Running In Cirles [SAGA003]

Romar and Makarov

Returning after his recently reviewed debut release on Priku’s Atipic label, Romar links with old studio partner Makarov for the third output of SAGA.

The duo worked together on an EP back in 2014 as Rodraq for Romar’s RORA label, establishing their recognisable tripped-out minimalist sound. This new two-tracker extends further into the hypnotising realms of delicate dance music.

Stretching out across a 12-minute arrangement, the pair take aim at a meditative, long-form composition in the premiered ‘Running in Circles’. Sedative female vocals leak over the entire track, narrating a ceremonial like relaxation session whilst soft, tasteful sounds unravel in an unhurried and calming fashion.

Loose, human-sounding percussion works with a dreamy chord looping over in a soothing repetitive pattern, occasionally dropping a hi-hat or clap with tranquil effect.

‘Contave’ offers another state of hypnotic bliss on the B side. Following the same extended, patient arrangement, an understated groove guides the track down a versatile path of warm up stroke after-hours energy, making this classy two-track cut a playable record, likely to remain in the bags of many selectors.

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