under the tree welcome Atipic live for Swiss debut

Having programmed a slightly more intimate party than usual last month with Viceversa, Romar and Drea the Swiss minimal powerhouses under the tree return to big business. After his sterling set at last months party Romar has been invited back, but this time he will be in charge of setting the tone for the party by taking care of the early hours of the event. This is a craft all in its own and one that the talented ODE label boss is more than capable of acing.

Heading up this particular soiree is Swiss debut and a booking that has been a long time coming. Atipic is the label and more importantly, in this case, the live act that features the combined forces Priku and his studio partner Deenoo. The pair have crafted a unique sound that dovetails perfectly with the label of the same name. Being just as deft behind the controls of his drum machines and synths that he is while playing records Priku has grown to become a staple in the electronic music sphere, not just the minimal world. His live performances as Atipic are utterly unmissable and his debut at Switzerland for under the tree is one you should ensure you are a part of.

As well as Atipic performing their debut live set in Switzerland Priku will also be helming the decks for one of his trademark show-stopping DJ sets. Being a permanent fixture at Sunwaves, Mioritmic and countless other buzz-worthy festivals does not happen overnight or by mistake. Priku’s rising success is the result of years of hard work, buckets of talent and countless hours in the studio crafting the sort of tracks that find their way into only the very best record bags. Obviously his Atipic record label is also part of the equation but on this special evening at under the tree you will be able to witness the full spectrum of music that Priku expertly commands.

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