Review: Romar – Atipic 007 [ATIPIC007]

There are few producers out there who are currently better at creating that floaty, spine-tingling brand of minimal than French producer Romar.

His releases on Bleu Ciel have helped him become a firm favourite for DJs and casual listeners alike whilst his collab EP with Japanese producer Takashi Himeoka on Saga Records has firmly showcased how electronic music can move beyond the dancefloor.

At a first glance, Romar releasing an EP on Priku’s Atipic label may come across as strange. However, avid listeners of the label will know the Romanian label boss has been keen to release everything from dubby minimal to choppy broken beats and everything in between. Melodic-esque minimal only seems another avenue for Atipic to go down.

The A side ‘007.1’ may seem familiar to those attendees of RPR Soundsystem’s set at Sunwaves 23, or if your timeline is regularly gifted with videos. Of course, it’s easy to see this track became a regular favourite of the Romanian trio.

The bassline is smooth to the point of obscenity, gliding its way throughout the track. The breakdowns showcase minimal when at it’s best, introducing some light percussion, silky synth sounds and a piano riff before effortlessly continuing it’s groove with the return of drums and claps.

007.2 on the B side appears to offer an insight into the Romanian scene’s influence on the Swiss’ productions or just another ace up the sleeve of Romar’s producing arm. The track is far more driving and mostly pulled forward by the tough, no-nonsense drum pattern. However, it’s the striking keys and glitching synth sounds that make the Romanian influence very apparent.

Atipic 007 is now available via Juno, Deejay and all good record stores.

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