Premiere: B1 – Dragutesku – Intens [RCW002]

Romanian artist Dragutesku has since his first outings on Tupiar Records been slowly but very surely bubbling up to the top of the minimal game. With a slew of unreleased bombs being delivered via his Bandcamp page, his massively in-demand DRG Series imprint and of course his stunning DJ sets have all helped to push Dragutesku to the fore.

Next up for the Bucharest artist is his upcoming 3-track ‘Anomolie Intensa’ EP on new UK label Raw Crafted Wax. Flanked by the much more minimal leaning outings in ‘Accidental’ (A1) and ‘Anomolie’ (B1) is the dreamlike ‘Intens’. Both previous tracks are great works by the textures and emotions found on the B2 are what pricked up our ears.

From the beginning, ‘Intens’ hooks your ears with captivating pads and subtle percussive sounds. Whirring and popping in all the right places ‘Intens’ is the kind of track we could listen to all day. With just the right amount of punch to keep the crowd in a constant state of near waking the lush delayed chords hint at dub techno and dream house influences. The flow found on B2 is effortless and with each element bleeding into the next it is almost a shame when the track comes to an end just midway through the 7th minute. This EP is also yet another stark reminder of how talented this artist and showcases the many sides of this exciting artist. If you haven’t added Dragutesku to your watch list yet make sure you do.

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