Premiere: A2 – Alain De Saracho – Acid Love (Djebali & Politics Of Dancing Remix) [SDR05]

Having given you a heads up on Alain De Saracho’s Saturn Drive Records imprint back in 2020 they have gone interstellar since then. The first release on the wax orientated label featured Christian Burkhardt and Daniel Roth and has since delivered work from Cab Drivers, Lauhaus, Federico Molinari, a joint effort between Dorian Paic and Felipe Valenzuela, and now the bossman himself Is stepping up for the solo ‘Acid Love’ EP for the fifth edition. As well as the three originals from Alain there is also a joint remix from Frenchmen Djebali and Politics of Dancing on A2 and this is where we begin our review.

Where Alain’s original version of ‘Acid Love’ is an outright homage to acid house the remix from Parisians Djebali and POD is the stripped back groove grandchild of the genre. The differences in styles is quite big but the ethos is very similar. Base elements so strong that they standout on their own with plenty of punch to give the desired impact. The tight basslines, taught percussion, and synth stabs keep things nice and groovey throughout while that unmistakable acid line filters in and out of view.

Flipping over to side B and the the cosmic ride really takes off. B1 banger ‘Ray Of Flight’ is charged and ready to blast off with the help of more acid, soaring synths, noisy snares and more acid. Rounding out Alain’s first solo EP is ‘Night Clapper’, an energetic foray in the higher BPM of acid house that brings the release to a satisfying end with a bang. You can check out clips of the full release below.

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