Premiere: A2 – Tommy Vicari Jr – Look In Your Eyes (Josh Baker Remix) [POD027]

The catchy vocal hook on Tommy Vicari Jr’s ‘Look In Your Eyes’ has been bobbing around somewhere in the back catalogue of our brains, at least ever since Ricardo dropped its rough edged bassline back in 2009 in the DC10 garden.

The track, which was first released on Vanity Records back in 2004, was formally brought back to the surface last year. Politics of Dancing had the pleasure of the re-issue, which featured Sweely, Silverlining and POD themselves on a colab with Djebali.

But it doesn’t stop there, for this particular beat just keeps on giving. A further four reworks are being grooved into wax as we speak, for the ‘Look In Your Eyes’ (Remixes) EP. Silverlining serves up his second, alongside Lowris, Cosenza and Josh Baker, each taking a different cursor in the timeline of the party. We’re leading with the latter interpretation on the premiere.

When he’s not organising some of Manchester’s most successful parties in current times, or driving a plethora of content in his Syntho music production school, Josh Baker is hard at work in his own studio. The list of associated labels keeps on growing and now his mark is made on Politics of Dancing.

This is expert warmup material, deep and eery with a pleasant, bopping groove. The melody driven bassline keeps a light house touch, while clicking percussion rattles in the rhythm. Warped pads twist the journey deeper, settled by gentle swooshes of synth cradling the bars.

And of course it wouldn’t be complete without that infectious vocal, touched up tastefully with echo, remaining a most celebrated element. As the synthlines swirl and the melodies dab, this is building a beat that envelopes the senses – one to get lost in for a moment as the night is getting started.

Buy the full remix package on record from, currently available for pre-order.

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