Premiere: 2 – Baasmal – Ammonium [KRD008]

We don’t have to tell you how good Kiku Records’ digital label is, all you need to do is scan back to their last swaggering release with Vloon. Known for their impeccable taste Kiku are one of those labels which start strong and just get better with each release.

Offering a bit of a contrast between 007 to 008 but still retaining the distinct air of quality that has already become their calling card Kiku welcomes Baasmal to the fold. The Moroccan trio is in the process of cornering their sound and the two-track ‘Baasmal’ EP for Kiku will throw a great deal of weight behind that.

Thick sub-bass tones combine with equally chunky kicks to blow up the lower frequencies of ‘Ammonium’. Meanwhile, the upper freqs are treated to a stunning shifting pad that beautifully evolves and unfolds as the track progresses. Each section of the track sits in its perfect place meaning the listen of this track is so effortless and really is a joy from start to finish. There is little doubt in our mind that a golden sunrise over a packed wide-eyed dancefloor was the influence behind this track. We could be wrong, we rarely are.

Switching over to track (A) 1 and this is a little more upfront and the mean bassline is in gear from the very beginning. This also benefits from a similarly floaty air of smoothly executed ease but is underpinned with more forthright synth motifs. The injection of guitar licks and bows is a cool inclusion and an unexpected curveball that gives the nod to their Moroccan heritage.

Our advice is to keep an eye on Baasmal in the near future as Kiku has clearly seen something in the trio and we can hear it loud and clear.

The ‘Baasmal’ EP is now available from Bandcamp.

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