Premiere: A1 – Leo Christopher – Munch [KRD016]


Leo Christopher steps up for the 16th release of Kiku Music with an elegant two track EP.

The UK label continues a prolific streak of form, curating a diverse catalogue of Bandcamp releases that have gained widespread support across the minimal circuits. Rising Romanian artist Constratti was last to feature on the imprint, expanding the depths of the collective’s tastes with lively, peak-time energies, whilst previous releases from the likes of Raz and Emi Ömar meandering through deeper, tripped out journeys.

London producer Leo Christopher brings his unique flair to their latest output. Fresh from deep, dubby releases with the likes of Blind Vision and Table Manners Records, the enigmatic artist brings two extended jams to this EP.

‘Munch’ steps up the swing in the featured premiere. Feathery hi-hats wisp between a gentle percussive palate casting an infectious, housey groove that could loop for hours. Each sound feels carefully considered, gently slotting an open hat into the mix, or dropping a clap with clean precision. It’s the kind of laid back, seductive minimal you could picture the likes of Praslesh tantalizing the crowd with. Early support on the release has already arrived from Cosmjn, Mihai Pol, Chklte and many more across the European circuit.

‘Viewings’ delves deep into the world of breaks on the flip side. Both tracks opt for a longer form composition, allowing elements to build on top of one another to a deftly hypnotic effect. Stripped back beats and complimented by a sea of intricate textures, layers and layers of microscopic details build beneath the groove, dying to be heard through a crisp and pristine sound system.

Kiku Music continue to recruit these unique, devoted producers who push the boundaries of their art, taking time to honour the beauty of subtlety and letting the music do the talking. As their bio states, their goal is to establish “an underground house music label curated for the artists that do it for the right reasons.”

This ethos ripples right through each of their releases, exploring a variety of moods and atmospheres from a collective that is clearly driven by passion. Their debut vinyl release from Herck has just dropped, presenting two delicious long-form cuts from the Romanian talent, already with great support from scene heavyweights in the likes of Barac, Lizz and Nu Zau to name a few.

Support comes via Cosmjn, Mihai Popoviciu, Chklte, Vlad Arapasu, Mihai Pol, Costin Rp, XXX Culture, Modebaku, Suolo, Pascal Benjamin, & more.

Buy Leo Christopher’s EP direct from the label’s Bandcamp here.

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