Premiere: 1 – Raz – Cigarettes and Bourbon [KRD014]

Kiku Music are back in a big way with their 14th outing on their rocking digital label. They have been filling up the drives of some of the biggest artists in the minimal sphere and with previous releases such as Emi Ömar’s recent EP and of course the wicked remix from Cosmjn of ‘Stupid Music’ which continues to raise pulses where ever it is dropped. Moving forward with their on-point release schedule Kiku Records present another one two punch this time from Raz and his self-titled EP.

We begin with the sultry spoken word groover ‘Cigarettes and Bourbon’ and when it comes to the perfect after party solution what else do you need? Well, this track for one. A deep roller of the highest order and laser guided bass tones to match our pick of the EP and the atmospheric musings of the female discussing her choice of habits matches nicely with the ambient, yet crisp vibe. Pads seem to hang in the air while darker percussion and bells bubbles up around it offering just the right amount contrast.

On the flip is ‘Sunflowers’ a decidedly more upbeat offering which offers a satisfying nod to some of Four Tet’s game changing bell laden work. As always, the drums and crisp and punchy and again designed to offer that perfect contrast and dynamisms between each opposing musical element. Kiku Records delivers yet again on its promise of well curated and well produced release for the minimalist mind.

KRD014 is now available via Bandcamp.

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