Premiere: A1 – Constratti – Ain’t Tryin [KRD015]

Kiku Music continue a killer streak of form in their 15th digital outing, this time inviting Constratti for a two track EP.

The label’s rapid consistency and versatility within their releases has led to well deserved widespread support across the house and minimal realms. Raz’s recent Cigarettes and Bourbon opened a door into the crew’s world of serene, stripped back moods. Subtle beats shuffle alongside flirtatious vocals creating a classy vibe that would suit just about any time in a set.

Rising Romanian artist Constratti showcases the depth of his productions in KRD015, delving into lively peak time flavours. The workhorse producer has established his versatile style through a prolific Bandcamp catalogue, crafting slick edits and exploring a plethora of emotive and more ecstatic energies. His work for Habit Records featured on our channels earlier in the year, exploring sleek micro atmospheres.

‘Aint Tryin’ brings the energy in this premiere. Beats manage to maintain a steady, low-key vibe in the mix whilst loading the track with drive. Simple hats and shakers slot neatly between a nimble bassline crafting a lush atmosphere, before heading into a steep breakdown introducing a menacing acid line.

Trippy vocals seep into the mix, building tension before exploding into a hip-house-leaning weapon. Spicy RnB vocals fly into the mix frothing with attitude, spitting bars between beats as if they were made for each other. This edit-style approach to production brings a unique energy that has been igniting dance floors in recent times at the likes of Sunwaves and across the European circuits.

Combining nostalgic vocals from the likes of RnB and 90s hip hop with sleek, minimal flavours casts a refreshing atmosphere merging the two worlds. Constratti shapes another classy cut on the flip with ‘Fixity’. Exploring a more stripped back vibe, a subtle organ bassline sets the tone amongst a blend of video-game-esque synths and intriguing textures simmering in the mix.

The community of Romanian producers continue to deliver a supreme quality and consistency in their output. Constratti is one of many talented artists living and playing frequently in and around Bucharest with the likes of R107 and Techu, all devoted to their craft and closely connected with Herodot and the Sunrise crew in the city.

Early support on the release has already arrived from the likes of Janeret, Costin Rp and Per Hammar spreading the flavours.

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