Premiere: 1 – Constratti – S’il Vous Plait [HRVA009]

Habits Records are one of the most prolific labels right now and there isn’t a release day that goes by where new fire isn’t propelled forth. From their hand stamped splatter records all the way to their digital only release Habits has their style on lock. Celebrating four years in the game Habits have just released a VA with a collection of tracks that will take them into the next four years.

From the opening track ‘S’il Vous Plait’ by Constratti the calibre of music is clear to see. Bounding basslines push against rippling percussion and micro sampled vocal to create an impressively undulating soundscape. Intricate melodies dance in between the snappy drums in such a way it is little wonder that it has been championed by the likes of Cosmjn, Vid, Suolo, Primarie, Mihai Popoviciu, Ted Amber, Vern, Matpri, and XXX Culture.

Parsec is next up and his track ‘Toma’ is perhaps a bit more straight up but with a bass heavy garage tip thrown in. The tightly woven beats and huge sub action have an insistent energy that it cannot be ignored. As well as the pumping moments, there is also very sweet lush interludes before the beats drop satisfying back into the mix. These lush moments extend into the next track ‘Cat Sitting’ by Edo where the heavy breakbeats are countered by some imaginatively sampled noises.

Resident artists XXX Culture impress with their swaggering fill filled banger ‘Controlled Modulation’ and it is not for the fainthearted. Detuned synths, warped vocals and noisy drums whirr past each other. Alex Zola’s ‘Meanwhile’ thuds with the bleeps and clunks of a well-oiled minimal machine while GTV6’s ‘Neutron Blues’ offers some of the most outwardly musical moments of the release. Baban also impresses with a more progressive blissed out vocal effort on ‘Required Fields Are Marked’ and Phoq’s ‘Miserable Architecture’ treads similarly progressive paths but with a more modular arpeggiated motif.

HRVA009 is now available via Habits Records’ Bandcamp.

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