Premiere: 1 – Tome R – Stimulated Reflection [KRD019]

Having tracked Kiku Records’ progress for some time now a distinct thread of quality runs through their releases. The clean yet warm production values are a must and Tome R is an artist that more than shares this ethos. The Croatians ear for a reduced groove while still applying a soft touch to the finer aspects of his tracks is a real talent. This can especially be the case on his duo of late 2021 EP’s for My Little Dog and Sit Down Recordings, and now his sole EP for Kiku Records.

Where better to start our review of KRD019 than with track one ‘Stimulated Reflection’. As with all Kiku tracks production is of the highest standard, from the tight kicks, pristine hi hats and of course encapsulating sound design. The dub techno infused synth work is especially drawing. Enveloping the entire track is the verby notes that would not be out of place in at the hands of dub techno master Steve O’Sullivan. The track itself is nicely stripped back with, at times just a difference in off hi hat being the difference in the groove. It is this simplicity that is where the beauty lies. Not wishing to bog itself down in complicated drum programming or track phrasing Tome R has hit a nice balance of groove and musicality.

Moving on to the second track from Tome R and ‘Cosmic Tides’ is another fantastic slice reduced dub infused tech house. Featuring more minimal elements such as micro samples, be that distortion or vocal chops the flow is very tidy indeed. The aired out pads that underpins the track throughout really carries a finely weighted vibe to the track. Again the production on the drums and undulating sub bass is wicked and there is little doubt that this like most of the Kiku Records back catalogue will benefit from big plays from our scenes stars.

KRD019 is now available to buy from the Kiku Records Bandcamp page.

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