Premiere: 1 – Lumieux – AVFS [TNW003]

Hailing from Tehran where electronic music has been all but outlawed and Taste Not Waste certainly don’t let any vibes fall by the way side. The Iranian outfit is also not taking things slowly either as they have already had Sorin Milea and Romanian stalwart Andrei Ciubuc and on the dials for their first two releases. The latter’s track ‘Hypnotized’ was also up for free download. This also happens to be the case with TNW003 and this comes via another Romanian wizard Lumieux and his ‘AVFS’ EP.

A1 (1) bomb and title track ‘AVFS’ is as hypnotic as they come and the liquid percussion that drips and drops all over this track is like liquid mercury. The multitude of layers that twist and turn in out of focus are quite surreal. From the undulating bassline to the distant reversed strings there is so many elements that vie for attention but in a very subtle way that never over power the next.

The mesmerising ethos is further carried over to A2 track ‘Immersion’ where an arpeggiated synth line winds its way throughout the track with ease. With each twist of the filter more character is unveiled as well as the ethereal vocal that joins the rhythm that it creates. ‘Some Kind of Heat’ on the flip side is more groove led and relies more on the tightly woven beats. The melody and musicality is dialled down in the mix but that only heightens the ear to listen out for the subtle oscillations of the synths at work.

Pushing new and exciting strains of electronic music is at the very core of everything that Taste Not Waste do and aside from their label they run their own website which plans to provide tutorials, more free music and their own podcast series which has already featured DJ JusEd and Johnny Johnny boss Modat. Keep a keen eye trained eye on TNW as they will surely be back shortly with even more aural delights.

The free download of TNW003 will shortly be available from their Bandcamp.

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