Premiere: B1 – Lumieux – Travel By Touring Machine [MDNLT002]

Lumieux steps up for the second release of the newfound Miden imprint.

The Italian label established their classy aesthetic of stripped back, psychedelic minimal with a debut from the French wizard Vadim Oslov. Drawn to the more tripped-out corners of club music, Miden invites the Romanian workhorse Lumieux to continue a fine streak of form.

Sharing a desire for refined club tracks produced to pristine, audiophile quality, the powerhouse producer pumps out longer form, experimental compositions common with much of his fellow Sunrise roster. Sounds carry shades of classical with subtle piano loops and dissonant chords bellowing beneath lean, crafty rhythms. It’s the kind of freeform, often modular-led jams common with the likes of Ricardo Villalobos and Rhadoo’s expressions in the genre.

‘Travel By Touring Machine’ is an idyllic window into this world of the more cryptic and deftly hypnotic minimal. Moods are tranquil and laid back, yet manage to explore a collage of emotions through peculiar samples and neat changes littered throughout the nine minute arrangement. It’s as if thousands of microscopic details are buried within the track, textures continue to unfold into abstract creeks, pops and sounds that lend themselves more towards fabrics than frequencies. Looping over and over, it’s the type of tripped-out head music that keeps you hooked for hours.

Lumieux explores a similarly regal affair in the A1 ‘Farewell’. Stuttered vocals flirt with a jazzy beat and punchy percussions that would rifle through a nice sound system. You can picture the sun coming up over the Sunwaves tent with the likes of Mihigh or Dan Andrei at the helm. Moods lean towards the minimal motherland in Crihan’s ambitious remix. The Romanian slows things down, dipping the tempo to an arguably more hypnotic range, working plucky melodies over a druggy beat drawn from the depths of the thinking mind.

Elements almost peel off one another, revealing yet another layer of sound, texture and feeling. This unique cut is definitely one of a more personal affair, perfect for deep home-listening or a bendy after-hour scenario.

The output from the Italian label Miden is growing into a sought after item, hosting unique remix combinations and artists evidently devoted to their craft. Records are pressed to premium 180g vinyl with obscure, head-plucking artwork to compliment this interesting series.

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