Premiere: A1 – Vadim Oslov – Da Gong [MDNLTD001]


Vadim Oslov shapes the first vinyl release for Italian imprint Miden.

The French producer has become a frequent face across the more dissonant, tripped-out corners of minimalism. Releases for Alter Hour and Ochii Records provide an insight into the dubby, introverted world of Oslov’s productions.

Atmospheres are cryptic and enticing, casting the kind of otherworldly energies often heard in the sets of Mihigh and Barac’s psychedelic arsenal. Subtle, reflective sounds leave just about everything open for interpretation in this gripping head music.

The Italian collective Miden has formed its identity within these realms, hosting a proficient Bandcamp catalogue. Releases from the likes of Vlad Bretan and Salishteanul explore eloquent, micro-house-inspired soundscapes.

Opening the label’s debut record with a nimble workout, ‘Da Gong’ showcases the considered approach adopted by Vadim Oslov. Classy hi-hats bring a gentle bounce to the track, whilst energy builds in a sleazy low-slung sub-bass bubbling beneath the groove.

Plucky rhythms dance between a delicate hi-hat and clap, anchoring the groove together with the most subtle presence. Percussion slices through the mix with a crisp snap which is a testament to the intricate, audiophile-level sound design associated with this corner of club music.

Obscure British vocals simmer in and out of the mix, adding to the eccentric, mind-bending mood that leaks throughout the release. Whether it’s a dissonant piano, or the sphinx-like groans low in the mix; these elegant, ominous moods make you think whilst you move.

Intimate feelings seep through into the music, exploring introspective states that encourage a hypnotic listening state. Meandering melodies squirm between beats with a slippery character, loaded with after-party potential.

‘Orient Karma’ brings a moreish groover to the flip side. Oslov narrates a lush journey through a number of influences in this full-sided piece. Jazz-inspired percussion meets with a refined groove packed with enough character to continue looping for hours.

RQZ takes aim at the original ‘Da Gong’ on remix duties, injecting a zesty groove and subtle textures to the palate. The Romanian producer is no stranger to these longer-form works, as heard in his slick contribution to London’s Afterhours imprint back in May.

Tune into both Vadim Oslov and Miden’s prolific Bandcamp output to hear more of this unique take on house-meets-head-music.

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