Premiere: B2 – Mihai Pol – Hard Decision (Viceversa remix) [MTMLTD003]

Few days ago, we premiered the title-track of the upcoming MTMLTD003 EP, Phonica Wednesday, signed by Mihai Pol. You can have a look again here.

We are now focusing again on this great piece of wax, this time with a closer look on the flip side. On remix duties for Mihai Pol’s Hard Decision we find the Italian Viceversa, one of the favourites when it comes to minimal, percussive and immersive rollers. For most, the remix on B2 is in fact the hidden gem of the EP, a proper secret weapon.

For this remix, Viceversa leaves the main structure of the track unaltered. However, an increasing in the rhythm makes this cut even more dancefloor oriented, perfect for the peak time rollercoaster. There is a clear ability in stripping back and removing some elements to make the cut versatile but still coherent with its original mix.

Viceversa release catalogue is so far really impressive: most of his first output was published on his own imprint, which received a huge support by Petre Inspirescu, Raresh and Enzo Siragusa to name a few. This success made him landing on EASTENDERZ (twice) and, for 2019 on Giuliano Lomonte’s point of view and Curtea Veche with solo EPs and OGE with a remix.

Both Viceversa DJ and producer profiles are growing from strenght to strenght, receiving regular support from [a:rpia:r] main men, Arapu and the most of the Romanian camp.

You can expect to see MTMLTD003 on the shelves of top records store very soon. In the meantime, the record is exclusively available for one month at or at MTM Record Shop (Ibiza). Distribution via SubWax

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