Premiere: B1 – Noah Skelton – Daytime Hovering (Sedee remix) [MAYAK010.2]

Mayak (МАЯК) is a strictly vinyl record label originating from Moscow. Focusing on deep house and techno vibes, its main goal is to put out high quality music regardless of the name stamped on the record sleeve.

Over the past years, the team behind the Russian imprint managed to keep high the bar, involving a number of talented artists to join the platform and express themselves.

Zefzeed, Doubting Thomas, Denis Kaznacheev and Dilated Pupils all gave their contribution to the label with one EP each during 2015 and 2016. Anton Kubikov made three, including the debut (MAYAK001) as well as the first 12″ of 2018 named T.D.P.A., which featured a remix from Dubtil.

The EP that made us fall in love with the label, and at the same time helped us in discovering its past catalogue, was definitely Afriqua – Harken from late 2016, that have on the flip side the remix from London producer and FUSE mainstay Archie Hamilton.

Shortly after, was the turn of the prolific Christopher Ledger with his Metonimia EP, adding a very strong release to the collection. We recently profiled his artistic side, and we can easily say that this release makes nothing less than confirming his great ear for music and production.

Speaking with the label-head, we now know that since the release number #10 all dubby productions started to find their home into their new sublabel SVET, leaving more minimalistic and housey vibes to Mayak. As is clearly visible from the latest releases, the concept is a two-tracker EP with long, DJ-friendly tracks, one more minimal and one more house for each side.

For our premiere, we selected Mannheim duo Sedee remix of Noah SkeltonDaytime Hovering, a true bomb for the dancefloor. Skelton original mix, which was pressed on a 12″ together with a remix from Kamran Sadeghi, gather a lot of attention recently, hence probably why a new release featuring two additional remixes from Christopher Ledger and Sedee followed right after.

David Nicolas & Sebastian Werle take the original mix to a new and different level, with more bouncy and housey vibes and the addition of a stunning truncated female vocal. Christopher Ledger version is way more stripped down to minimal elements only, together with his melodic trademark that characterize his productions, precious heritage of his Classical composition studies.

Enjoy B1 full length track on our SoundCloud and YouTube channels.

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