Premiere: B1 – Laboratori OTK – Why So Wrong Feels So Right (Giuliano Lomonte Remix) [Morethanmusic001]

More Than Music is a label that just keeps on giving. The Ibizan record store already has a very strong platform with its MTMLTD series, of which all of the releases have actually premiered here on Trommel, because they’re all so darn good. Most recently we had a blissful Silat Beksi remix of Triptil for the sixth in the series. Now we’re here to showcase their new project, sub-label Morethanmusic with Giuliano Lomonte.

Lomonte is also no stranger to the site, featuring recently on remix duties over on Rowle Records. That said, it’s safe to say we were always going to like this one with these two powerful forces combined.

Laboratori OTK serve up two deep and cheerful groovers whilst Lomonte takes on the remix once again, adding the grit into Why So Wrong Feels So Right. His signature sound is prevalent from the off, a deep rolling groove that never falters for the duration. For the most part this is accompanied by a pleasant synthline that trickles with warmth, contrasting to the darker elements of the bass. This one is both chugging and euphoric, as sweet, melodic synths flutter in and out separately from the rest over that ever present groove.

It’s definitely one for the dancefloor and DJs can have some fun with this one in their sets. The record sleeve also makes for a nice piece of art; a montage cover mish-mash of images including a UFO, blow up dinosaur, some narcotics and a door amongst other things, all centred around one of the most magnetic spots on Earth, Ibiza’s own Es Vedra island. More Than Music are clearly proud to hail from the party capital of the world and of course, why wouldn’t you be?

Morethanmusic001 will soon be available exclusively at the MTM Record Store.

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