Premiere: A2 – Sublee – Hip Top [SER049]

Sublee returns to Serialism Records with four stunning tracks.

The youthful producer has become a staple across the vinyl market, alongside racking a healthy amount of hours in the booth. His recent remix for Futura provided an insight into the depth of his tastes, working electro and ethereal influences with refined, character packed grooves.

Mastering the patient, considered approach to club music, Sublee’s productions have seen immense support across the minimalist community. Frequent releases with the likes of Rowle and Morning People have seen strong support, played heavily by the likes of Raresh and Gescu.

The prolific producer also made his debut for the infamous Rawax imprint, as well as  contributing a glorious downtempo piece to DeWalta’s Meander; showcasing charming versatility.

Serialism Records is a label based between Sao Paulo and Berlin, ran by Cesare Marchese aka Cesare vs Disorder. Founded back in 2007, the imprint has remained at the forefront of the house-meets-techno worlds.

Approaching 49 vinyl releases and an impressive digital catalogue, the label hosts a diverse roster featuring the likes of Onirik, The Mole, and more recently Vlad Arapașu. First contributing back in 2017, Sublee featured in a pensive four track EP, produced in collaboration with fellow Romanian Cristi Cons.

Returning to the label in fine solo form, Sublee explores a more euphoric, hopeful vibe in SER049. ‘Hip Top’ is bursting with optimism in this premiere.

Subtle and snappy percussion forms a tight groove, gradually gainining new elements at considered intervals, nurturing a moreish tension. Sounds are gentle and filled with hope. Simmering at the rear of the mix, warm chords occasionally surface between beats with a similar spacious essence.

Muted bass notes spiral over one another with a devastatingly hypnotic flair, mirroring a warm synth fluttering above. ‘Rarock’ takes the energy up a notch in the A1, exploring further into the sleek, subtle flavours of Sublee.

The B-side recieves a more contemplative treatment, navigating the serene sounds of ‘Waiting’. Choir-like chords wash up in dry, stern rhythms loaded with personality; whilst ‘210’ hosts a creeping bassline and neat piano work.

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Learn more about the unique connection between Sao Paulo and Berlin in our interview with label boss Cesare Vs Disorders, discussing his relationship with these two inspiring cities.

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