Premiere: B1 – Sublee – Moving Spaces [MP001]

Sublee strikes back with more looping gold.

Launching the new Brazilian vinyl imprint Morning People, the new school Romanian provides four original takes of dance floor bliss.

‘Moving Spaces’ illustrates Sublee’s serene flavours in full effect.

Reduced patterns weave between a simplistic drum palate, emulative of a trained choir, varied timbres build seamlessly around rhythms, crafting a mellifluous atmosphere where simplicity takes centre stage.

Vocal samples blossom in unison with a variety of glistening wind chimes, softly caressing the groove. Sounds of nature rise and fall throughout the arrangement, with birds chirping in the distance, blissful textures encourage a drifting, meditative state.

The entire release explores a variance of dream-like atmospheres. A1’s ‘Still Like You’ feels remnant of last year’s summer anthem ‘Irealis’, with the B2 exploring elegant breakbeat territory.

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