Premiere: A2 – Ricky Leo – Ethereum (Vlad Arapasu Remix) [PYR02]

Vlad Arapasu jumps on remix duties for the second release of Pennyroyal Records.

The Milan based collective founded by Lele Franza and his close knit crew Ricky Leo, Luca Doobie, and Mechand have established their aesthetic over the years by inviting a plethora of artists to the city including Diego Krause and Alexkid to name a few.

Earlier this year, the project involved into a vinyl record label with the debut output of label boss himself Lele Franza. It was only natural to keep the output in-house with good friend Ricky Leo stepping up for the second record.

His original kicks off the record with a storm in ‘Ethereum’. The low end is loaded with punch, gasping to explode on a crisp sound system whilst the intricate textural side bubbling beneath a slick, tidy beat. Moods are elegant and reduced, allowing elements to sing and complimenting grooves with slippery, sensual vocals.

One of Romania’s most treasured exports Vlad Arapsu brings his recognisable flair to the same track in this premiered remix. The talented producer is a frequent sight on the Trommel channels, a regular feature on the esteemed Eastenderz label, as well as Priku’s Atipic.

Energies take a step back from the original, delving into more dubby, sedative territories. Percussion is lathered with detail, from the most minute changes to hi-hats, miniscule clicks and pop that add a satisfying depth to the groove. It’s the sign of a producer in fine form with buckets of experience under his belt.

Vlad Arapasu is not one for sitting still, with an immense output of productions, not to mention the bottomless pit of unreleased music heard in his sets. Taking subtle elements from the original, this remix brings a unique edge to ‘Ethereum’, lending itself more to multi-channel mixing and building grooves, or tinkering with the heads of intimate after-hour dance floors.

The level of production is testament to the raw passion that these artists pour into their music. Every smallest element is considered, filtered, tweaked, it’s almost as if the project is a delicate painting being caressed and developing over time.

Ricky Leo brings another club ready bomb in his original ‘Rig’. True to the brief name, it’s a simple and effective weapon ready to light up the dance floor. A steady sub bass adds a delightfully gentle groove to the mix, allowing space for vast chords to wash over the mix and create conversation with the obscure creeks and bleep melodies hidden within the mix.

You can picture the likes of Priku or even Sonja Moonear spreading these unique flavours on a busy dance floor. Fellow Italian artist Thomas A.S brings a deeper vibe to conclude the record. Stunning, hands-on-head inducing chords unfold during a dramatic breakdown that is sure to create a magical moment in the club, before diving right back into the growling bassline driving the track forward.

Each record is pressed to 180g with a unique, minimalist artwork on both sides.

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