Review: Vlad Arapasu – Atipic 005

Priku has never shied away from giving up-and-coming artists a platform on his label Atipic, with Andu Simion and Jorge Savoretti appearing on the last two releases. For Atipic 005, Romanian talent Vlad Arapasu steps up to the plate for his second ever EP.

The formula on Atipic is pretty simple – no track names and let the music speak for itself. On the A side we have ‘005.1’, which follows the label’s methodology of aiming for the dancefloor. A definitive dancefloor weapon, a driving and grooving bassline that gives off the vibe this track could play out for hours and not one person dancing to it would mind.

However, 005.2 pushes the boat more and goes down the route of a glitchy and more experimental track. A range of percussion and sounds are used, from synth glitches to the odd introduction of an abrupt white noise sound. The drums are key for this and give the track its ‘oomph’ yet the sheer volume of sounds used in this track give it a lot of depth and variety of uses, from peak time at Club Guesthouse to sunrises in London.

The versatility of Arapasu’s production ability is evident on this EP, with 005.3 being a far more chilled out and ambient track. The atmospheric bassline is well complimented by light drums and claps, whilst spaced out synths give it the chilled out vibe.

Overall, an excellent and versatile EP with a great range of tracks which can be used in a variety of situations. Arapasu was already one to watch, but this is a big message.

You can pick up Atipic 005 at Juno, Deejay or check your chosen record store.

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