Premiere: A1 – Dimitri Monev – Flowerina [CNRV002]

Bordeaux based vinyl imprint Canelura Records welcomes Bulgarian artist Dimitri Monev to the fold who is in charge of their second edition. Having ventured down a more minimal path for their first release with Andrey Djackonda, Minube, Origins of Time, and a remix from Cooke they change things up slightly with Monev and a remix from Vlad Arapasu.

What starts fairly subdued, Dimtri Monev’s “Flowerina” soon whips into shape with a huge pounding kick drum and scything on beat hats. The evolving pads soon bloom in view with the help of some perfectly timed bleeps and sonic sparks. It is not until around the half way mark that the true nature of “Flowerina” emerges and the stunning synth motif is tumbled together with the right amount of analogue madness.

Moving onto the A2 and in true Vlad Arapasu style he reduces the mix of “Flowerina” to its base elements and then builds his own vision up around it. Weaving the source material around his own flanged percussion and choppy insert the Romananian leans heavily on the trippy modular aspect of the original while staying true to its floaty nature.

Flipping over and Monev is again on stunningly deep form with B1 “Loophole” and while the crux of the musical elements is a shimmering beauty don’t let that fool you as this the beats are solid enough to carry this across some serious action. Rounding out this fine second edition from Canelura Records is a much more upfront cut in “Remini”. Featuring round kicks, block percussion and some great filtering synths that is a perfect balance between old school house and new school minimal. It is a certainty that will enjoy some big plays across the summer it hasn’t already.

You can pre-order CNRV002 now from Yoyaku.

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