Premiere: A1 – Virtual Reality & Sasha Zlykh – Unlimited Forbidden Opportunities [AL002]

The label Alienist, run by is ready with its second release and its first VA. We’re taking this ones opener, made by the Kyiv-based crew of, the probably already known to you Sasha Zlykh, and the probably unknown to you Virtual Reality duo. Under it you’ll find members of a very productive local Criminal Practice crew – Ghetto Sunrise and Roma Khropko. And that will finish our introduction here.

Earlier I asked Roma Khropko to tell more about the track and here’s the story. “It was the winter of 2020, if I’m not mistaken. We were at Vlad’s (Ghetto Sunrise) place, had some beers and started writing after we got in the proper work mood. Vlad didn’t get all his studio zone set up properly, so we were on the floor with one MacBook, one Push and a huge urge to write everything in one session. We had a piece of conversation with Terence McKenna – he’s being sampled a lot, but, usually, in other styles of music. We got that image of extraterrestrial creatures and contacts with them, so we decided to run it through the whole track. Structurally, melodically and timbrally.”

Can’t really add much more to that. The guys did their work perfectly. With Unlimited Forbidden Opportunities” we have an 8-minute, DJ-friendly roller here and probably you’ll hear it a lot more in the clubs this year. Just like the other tracks on the record, by the way.

On the A-side there’s also a new track by Andrey Zots – a little bit darker than our premiere, perfectly balancing between house and electro. The B-side is divided between NND with another balancing exercise and The last track on the record, called “S.B.T.” has a very nice nostalgic piano flip inside its breaksy structure. The stuff for the mornings.

The record should be out next week – no delays and other bullshit. Grab it on Juno, Deejay, Redeye or wherever you’re getting your wax.


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