Premiere: A1 – Vid – Upsidedown [KNTNT005]

Vid is next up on the prolific Kontent label operating out of Bucharest.

Ran by the Romanian devotee, Vlada Arapasu, Kontent was founded back in 2019 with a vision of exploring the more intimate, tripped out corners of club music. Deep-rooted in the nation’s history of meticulous sound design and mind-expanding atmospheres, their journey continues with another one of the most prolific artists within this sphere, Vid.

His work has been a consistent feature on our channels, from his Trommel podcast back in 2020, to more recent work for Afterhours, Vid’s musical vision is never far from sight. Most of the music you hear him spinning is unreleased productions from himself and the many close-knit producers sharing jams between one another. His Bandcamp is a great place to start for a snippet in his world of eerie, hypnotizing beats.

Kontent have become a reliable source within this more abstract and experimental sphere, welcoming the likes of Leanca and Vlad Arapasu’s inaugural release which is now soaring in price on Discogs.

Staying true to his experimental nature, Vid shapes three mesmerising cuts for the label’s fifth vinyl output. It’s the kind of laid-back, elegant club music that seems to freeze time to some degree, eventually bringing you back to reality after you realise seven minutes have floated by.

This gentle and bold approach allows elements to build and become part of a wider piece, gradually making sense as time ticks over. The release has already received great support for the RPR trio, lighting up last year’s beloved Sunwaves festival and proving its mystical, time-stopping nature.

‘Upsidedown’ is the eight-minute cut featured here, setting a relaxed vibe that treds the line between after-hour and warm-up energy to great effect. A simple, reduced sub bass rumbles low in the mix whilst slinky, ceramic-like percussion trickles between notes with a reserved a gentle charm.

The simple and stripped back vibe makes for a versatile note, you can imagine a club coming to life once this roller is pumped up in a volume, just as much as keeping a fragile afters ticking along as the sun comes up. Elements are carefully considered and gentle, morphing tripping vocals into the mix without intruding on the percussive experiments taking place.

‘Red’ lifts the energy slightly with a plucky bassline that sounds equally as moreish at it’s original steady tempo as it does pitched up a few notches like the RPR crew opted for at Sunwaves. Moods are similarly abstract and peculiar, casting a thought-provoking atmosphere whilst keeping both eyes on the dance floor with a pulsating low ends and crisp hats cutting through the mix.

Closing out the record, ‘Away’ is arguably the pick of the bunch tucked away on the B-side. It carries that ineffable, enigmatic charm that leaves you gasping to learn more about the track, who made it, where it came from and how you can have more of it. It’s no surprise this has been picked up by the RPR innovators. Sultry chords set a mesmeric, pensive tone luring you in just as much as leaving things open to interpretation.

The dry, characterful percussion adds to the mystical vibe, rocking back and forth between a simple hat and clap that feels as if it could loop for hours. The crew behind Kontent definitely have an ear for this magical, hard to define dance music and their label is for sure one to watch.

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