Premiere: B2 – Vid – Tarziu [AFHR002]

Following the sell-out success of Afterhours. debut release earlier this year, the podcast series-cum-record label are back with the next instalment. The first chapter featured three deep, Rominimal rollers delivered by flavour native Facebook, all of which made a full feature in the Trommel premiere. The quality continues, with the goods this time served up by fellow compatriot Vid.

For much of 2020, Vid’s efforts have been drawn towards drip-feeding digital releases over on his Bandcamp page, which is now boasting an impressive collection. Yet there is still plenty to be on the lookout for, as can be heard from his Trommel podcast. The hour-long selection features a studio mix of Vid’s own productions, all of which were unreleased at the time.

You’ll often find said tracks lurking in the darker depths of minimal techno. The same can be said for all three cuts on the ‘Space Terms’ EP.

‘Tarziu’ over on B2 boasts an ever-present sub-bass bubbling with deep energy, faltering only to make space for the tripped-out vocal that ultimately takes centre stage here. The untrained ear might suggest this slightly haunting chatter to be French. Dialect aside, the effect doctored speech serves to bend minds over an already hypnotising beat.

Eery synths drift slowly from one bar to the next, instilling a spooky mood against the swinging percussion, while sharp glitches spike in the rhythms. All roads are leading to the mesmeric dance floors of Romania.

The record is already out and all copies at Juno, and have been snapped up. Red Eye Records are still taking pre-orders with their batch expected in on the 18th. If you’d rather not wait, head to Black Round Twelve. But do it quickly.

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