Premiere: B2 – Miller & Jay Tripwire – Cut003 [AFHR006]

Having just rolled out a cool 18 hour session at Berlin’s Goldengate Club with bossman Scott and guests at the helm, Afterhours. returns to label business with a duo collab with a meeting of mind from the old skool and the nu skool. Joining forces for the “Greasy Grooves” EP is Real Gang founder Miller and none other than Jay Tripwire. 

“Greasy Grooves” EP features a trio of analog jams that all benefit from tightly woven grooves and ethereal synth work and we begin our look at the release from the back through to the front. “Cut003” is the heaviest hitting track of the EP and the sub bass is in severe danger of cracking even the strongest of speaker cabinets. The vocal chops that are woven in between the flanged beats are also so finely mixed in that they almost appear to be an apparition, or a ghost in the shell of “Cut003”.

“Cut002” is a dark trip of a track, as with “Cut003” there are artefacts of bells to be heard throughout and the heavily processed percussion produces pitch dark atmospheres but in the right hands will be able to change the mood of a dancefloor in an instant. A power track and no mistaking. Completing the EP in reverse order is “Cut001” and it is all about that angular groove. The crunchy percussion slides around beats while the airy pad circles high above.

You can pre-order your copy of AFHR006 via now.

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