Premiere: A1 – Vlad Arapasu – I Figured Out A Way To Be Outside [AFHR003]

Romanian Vlad Arapasu is not one for remaining still for too long, his strong and consistent output has always kept his name at the front of labels minds. So, when Afterhours. went scrolling through their extensive rolodex Vlad popped up with three track EP ‘I Figured Out’ and the rest is history.

We head straight to A1 and it is a beauty. ‘I Figured Out A Way To Be Outside’ is fairly straightforward when it comes to drums but the beauty in Vlad’s productions is the subtle elements that drift in and out the mix and that give the track the swinging grooves that he is so well known for. The buzzing sound that gives the impression of an impending swarm of bees but slides away into the ether. These punctuations of sound are important to keep the ear interested and Vlad knows this better than most.

The title track rightly takes the full A-side to itself leaving B-side to push a much more minimal sound. B1 ‘Einatmen’ lays a crunchy clipped groove over a subtle melodic bed that gently unfurls into elongated organ notes. Whirring percussion and raw beeps pass by to propel the track into a abstractly blissful conclusion. Meanwhile B2 ‘Piscot’ is purely designed with this label in mind – the after-hours. Heavily flanged vocals flutter through a robotic filter somehow passing by the mangled array of percussion and drums. Primed to do damage to a tangled dancefloor there is a huge amount of diversity in this EP that will work at all parts of the afterhours process.

‘I Figured Out’ EP from Vlad Arapasu is now available via

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