Premiere: A2 – Leanca – Rockability [KNTNT003]

Lights on a mysterious appearance on the Romanian electronic music scene, an intricate rival among the veteran producers of their kind: Leanca is rhapsodizing an elaborate release with a dark twist.

Being on the third release, the label Kontent was recently founded by Vlad Arapasu, which assures there is a definite commitment for quality in each of the releases. Macarie and Vlad himself were the authors for the previous two releases, establishing the direction towards great standards.

Leanca is not only a growing talent but also a rare sight, making him abstruse for those who are trying to understand his evolution. Having a contorted and gloomy style of producing, his tracks are desired by many diggers and can be found in several artist’s collections, including Rhadoo and Mihigh,

KONTENT003 is, as the name reveals, the third release of the label. Being the magic numeral, in this case, three is also the number of tracks that are in this assemblage.

The first track, A1 – ‘Zboina Zare’, combines a bewildering amount of sounds, a groove that is inevitably heard from the beginning to the end, a collage of vintage resonances, and haunting voices.

On side A dwells another etchy assortment of reverberations, A2 – ‘Rockability’ in which the steady groove also found its way among the ghostly voices. The star of today’s premiere gathers and assemblies a slack rhythm on which the producer attached his pattern, which we’ve become accustomed to.

Totally rockable, not only for an audio experience but definitely for the dancefloor as well, A2 allows the possibility of being mixed and matched behind the decks for an intense peak-time experience.

The flip side is being occupied by the third track of the release, ‘Umbra Marelui Falnic’, which follows the same style and path, with a gentle sway from the cadence to the tone of the vocals.

Greedy, we can say, Leanca liberated another strong blend, enriching not only the label with another release but also the listener’s ears.

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