Premiere: A1 – Viceversa – Fifteen [VCVRS008]

Over the last 3 years, Italian artist Viceversa has emerged as one of the most prolific artists in the realm of spacey minimal house. With him stamping his ethereal brand of music all over labels such as OGE, Point of View and Rowle he is now back behind the controls of his own spaceship. Being purely a vehicle for his own productions his number series of releases have become essential to almost the whole of the minimal fraternity and his recent outing is no different.

Without sounding clichéd in the slightest each track in this standout series is genuinely a trip into space and back. ‘Fifteen’ which is the A1 on his new EP features his trademark deep bubbling bassline from the off and percussion parts duck and weave in amongst angular synth lines while taught off-beat hats fire off in between. It is not long before the track reaches deep space and the soaring pads gently ebb in and out of focus. ‘Fifteen’ is all about the groove and keeping it steady while the magic of track unfolds in the intricacies of the beautifully balanced musical elements.

‘Sixteen’ on B1 is a slightly more upfront cut in terms of the drum arrangements and the rawness of the sounds but the crux of the track is just as sweet. Featuring a more elongated breakdown than A1, the flip works just as well in most situations and will most definitely be finding it’s into some big players’ bags. Viceversa the artist and the label continue to showcase just why both are in such high demand.

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