Premiere: A1 – Noha – Nobody [OSC15]

Oscillat, the label run by Lazare Hoche, Malin Genie and S.A.M, has been on somewhat of a goalscoring run for a while now. It should come as no surprise considering the label is run by a producing super-group which contains three of the most gifted and creative producers releasing music right now.

The trio also collectively releases as Mandar and their records have become buy-on-sight. However, equally as compelling music has come from Makcim & Levi courtesy of their ‘On A Springroll EP’ as well Huerta‘s ‘Drunk Mystic’ 12″ in late 2018.

With Italian producer Noha releasing his Nobody EP, that goalscoring run seems likely to continue.

If there exists such a thing as the ‘Mandar’ or ‘Oscillat’ sound then it’s likely to reside within the melody of the tracks. They’re often soft and esoteric melodies that are far grander than any other musical element within the track.

The title track ‘Nobody’ contains a tear-jerking synth that’s wonderfully complemented by distant and distorted vocals that remain ever-present throughout the track. It’s not all about the melody though, the bassline is as bouncy as it is weird and sounds like it could be a distant cousin of a 303 bassline. Still, this is music made for the dancefloor and the bounce of drums ensure this one to be dancefloor bomb.

On the B side, we have the sensational Mandar remix of Nobody which features some striking chords and a deeper bassline for those who’d prefer to use the track further away than peak time.

Nobody EP will be released soon via Juno, Deejay or any good record store.

Info on Noha
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