Premiere: B1 – Lazare Hoche – Time Guard (Noha Remix) [LHR019]

We’re only a quarter of the way through 2019 yet French producer’s Lazare Hoche’s ‘Time Guard‘ looks set to be one of the hottest and most played of the year. If someone was going to remix it, then they’d better be prepared to be held up to high standards.

Lucky for us, Archie Hamilton and Noha have stepped and met the expectations for Lazare’s own label. At Trommel, we’re filled with joy to be able to premiere you Noha’s remix.

The best remixes – especially ones which are done for well-known tracks – are best approached with an attitude for change whilst respecting what originally made the track successful. Noha does this to perfection.

Whilst the original is far more gentle and floaty, the Italian producer goes for a far more full-on approach, introducing a dense yet groovy drum-clap pattern. The 7 minutes-plus of music isn’t as straight forward though, introducing an interesting combination between a bassline flirting between esoteric and haunting which features some spine-chilling keys to draft some extra personality. All of the above is beautifully supported by a grin-inducing bassline which features as the key sticking point to the track and one aspect that ensures this one is bound to get plenty of plays.

The pre-order for the remix EP is available to purchase for this week, via Juno, Deejay and all other good record stores.

More info on Lazare Hoche
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More info on Noha
Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor

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