Premiere: B1 – Noha – Margaret [PP05]

Helmed by Noha and Alex Tea, the PanickPanick! imprint has a well-earned reputation for releasing music loaded with emotional potential. Their fifth release, Noha’s own Europa EP, solidifies this reputation in exemplary fashion.

With three, polished cuts primed for the dancefloor, the Italian-born Berlin-based artist has truly proved he has a preternatural understanding of what elevates a good record to a great one. The ability to elicit ambiguous moods is a marker of an exceptional producer, and Noha’s knack for leaving the listener unable to distinguish exactly what is communicated is what makes his music so magical. The Europa EP is packed with feeling, flavoured by a constant oscillation between melancholy and bliss. Each track with its own story, the inspiration behind this record is palpable, a welcome reminder of how music should be.

Our premiere, is ostensibly the record’s greatest weapon: the B2, ‘Margaret’. The track’s sheer velocity is the effect of its weighty low-end, driven by the perfectly crafted kick and a persistently rolling bassline. The groove is balanced with elements of muse, as the track’s sharp percussion and breathtaking vocal flourish invite eyes-closed moments of dancefloor escapism. “This one is dedicated to my sister”, he says, “whose name is actually Margherita”, says Noha. “Hence the delicate elements that makes the track so dreamy”.

The other two cuts are equally as luxurious and immersive, with that same indistinguishable feeling of euphoric nostalgia. This is music that speaks for itself, and with each track already on heavy rotation in recent sets, we wager this is a release that will secure essential status. Releasing on the 1st of April, just in time for festival season.

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