Berlin city guide: through the eyes of Noha

    Berlin is central in the electronic music universe for many reasons. A lot of artists spend their life and career there, and the city itself is very livable and vibrant. This is why we asked Noha to give us an insight on the city from his eyes.

    My relationship with Berlin goes back a long way, as I first moved here when I was 21 after finishing my graphic design studies. My path to music was anything but a linear one. When I first arrived here I started working as an Illustrator – graphic designer and quite fast it became clear  that the office life was not a good fit for me.

    While this lifestyle was not convenient, I started to paint more and more, to the extent where I decided to focus solely on painting. As a result I decided to move to New York, which is where all my connections within the art world were. As I went through various relocations I kept producing and releasing music to the point where I actually decided to pursue my music career. This has led me to finally move back to Berlin, only a few months ago. When the guys from at Trommel asked me to give you guys an insight on my Berlin, I decided to share the places that matter the most to me.

    I could tell you how much the studio means to me, but as my friend Jo (Inner Lakes) simply puts it, STUDIO TIME FOREVER.

    Favorite Club:
    Lately I found out that clubbing is not for me anymore. The music is too repetitive and being 30 the hangovers are a nightmare, so I’d  rather stay home and read my favourite books.

    Record store:
    When I moved back my friends took me to black.round.twelve as Joe (the owner) had opened his store in 2015 while I was away. Apart from the amazing selection, Joe is also running is own distribution, which I choose to trust for my new upcoming label.

    Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park.
    I have a feeling that not so many people know about this memorial. Apart from its crazy architecture, this place its so meaningful to me being one of the first I visited back then.

    Bauhaus store

    This might sound a bit off, but this is one of my favorites places in Berlin. I have been going there for a long time as I enjoy building my own furniture. However, I recently realized that I even started going there without a reason, it simply calms me down and I find lot of inspiration .

    Bangkok Treffpunkt

    As I was not able to take care of Spike anymore (my Redcap Oranda Goldfish,) and I had been going to Bangkok Treffpunkt often, I asked them if they would take care of him. As they agreed, every time I am having lunch here I get to say hi to my old pal.


    I wish you live a peaceful life and come visit us in Berlin.
    Remember to be kind.

    Check two of Noha latest track, premiered on our channels:

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