Premiere: B1 – Mandar – Poisoned Words (Ricardo Villalobos Remix 2) [OSC16]

Mandar‘s ‘String Theory’ was undoubtedly one of the records of summer 2018, if not of the entire year. The B-side ‘Poisoned Words‘ naturally received a bit less mainstream attention but was still an impressive record in its own right, however it should be in for a revival courtesy of Ricardo Villalobos.

The Chilean has been recruited into the Oscillat family for their sixteenth release with two remixes of Poisoned Words. When we premiered Oscillat’s last release featuring Noha, we mentioned the label had been something of a roll with their last few releases, well the roll is very much continuing.

Villalobos seems to respect the original with Poisoned Words being a fantastic flip-side to String Theory with it’s more lowkey demeanour as well as a spectral melody and simply adds a little RV spice to it.

In vintage Ricardo fashion, the original 6 minute-plus run-time is stretched to well over 13 minutes, allowing for a deeper excursion in that spectral and murky melody. The drums remain firm in their pursuit of groove but the starkest aspect of Remix 2 is the drum rolls that are ever-present through the track.

For added weirdness and afterhours potential, the hardware groans and chirps contribute a lot of personality whilst the distant piano chords and strings add some extra spine chills.

Just to make sure there’s something for everyone, Villalobos’ Remix 1 presents a far more punchy and peak-time take on Poisoned Words for those who aren’t fans of subtly.

Both remixes will be available on Oscillat 16th issue and will be out at Deejay or your favourite record store later this month.

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